Frolovsky Grain Elevator

Limited Liability Company


Grain storage

Acceptance, drying, conditioning and shipment of grains and legumes

Production  of groats and pellets

Production and sales of premium quality polished millet groats.
Production of pelleted feed

Production of metal structures and other metal products

Production of processing equipment for the grain elevator industry



The grain elevator with a capacity of 5,7 thousand tons was put into operation in Frolovo in 1937.
Anatoly Bykov became the founder in 2010. Alexey Popov is the General Director of Frolovsky Grain Elevator.
Today the main production facilities of Frolovsky Grain Elevator are as follows:

1. Main grain elevator with a capacity of 21,4 thousand tons with loading and unloading units, with mechanized 5-passage receiving systems for motor transport equipped with truck tippers for unloading heavy vehicles and road trains. The elevator tower includes a grain dryer with a freestanding gas-fired furnace.
2. Groats mill for polished millet production with a storage capacity of 2,4  thousand tons of finished products, including a site for loading of covered wagons with products in bags and big bags.
3. Packaged feed plant for the production of pelleted feed.

Frolovsky Grain Elevator at full capacity produces:
- 26,8 thousand tons of millet groats;
- 22,9 thousand tons of pelleted feed.




OOO “Trading House “Selkhozprodukty”

 (Type of activity according to All-Russian Classifier of Types of Economic Activity (OKVED): Wholesale trade in grain, seeds and animal feed)


   Please forward any questions about purchasing the products of Frolovsky Grain Elevator (millet, pelleted feed, safflower oil) to OOO “Trading House “Selkhozprodukty”, our exclusive representative (tel.: +7 988-055-2082)




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